We thrive on providing services that are result driven

In our technology driven lifestyle, people of all ages spend an extreme amount of time restricted in a sitting position when driving, working or even oddly enough relaxing. Poor posture is a major cause of back and neck pain for all ages and over time can often lead to poor digestive problems, arthritis and other health issues and concerns.

Back & Neck problems are a large and growing health and economic concern. The healthcare system continues to change putting financial pressure on families and loved ones to pay out of pocket. With the increase of baby boomers approaching retirement, we will see this continue trending upward rapidly. At Nü Beginnings Massage & Wellness we thrive on providing services that are result driven, create value in programs offered and the courtesy respect of our staff.

If you are looking for something to counteract your habits and do not know where to start, Nü Beginnings Massage & Wellness will be here for you. Starting a new program can be tough. Not knowing how to stay focused and consistent can lead to failed plans and discouragement. At Nü Beginnings we are here to re-educate our clients the importance of physical medicine through bodywork, exercise, nutrition and streamline supplements designed with better absorption rates. All this is designed to keep our clientele focused and stay on track in order to completely transform their lives. Every day can be challenging…..but what you do today is success in itself to breaking old habits!

• Surgeries
• Sports injuries
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Thoracic outlet syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Plantar fascitis
• Scoliosis
• Workplace stress injuries
• Lower back pain, mid backache
• Headaches